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Bravers Diving Club

The primary mission is to make SCUBA diving affordable and accessible to Everyone

  • Who we are?

    BraversDivingClub is a non–commercial, social diving club, committed to safe and inexpensive diving for its members. It formed in 1953 and is the oldest diving club in Melbourne.

  • Why Join Us?

    We offer you friendly, safe and inexpensive diving with some of the most experienced sport divers in Victoria.members have extensive expertise and local knowledge of diving Southern Australian waters and we are happy to pass this on..

  • Where are we going?

    Braver owns five large air compressors and a tandem trailer to transport them. One of the perks of joining BDC is that air fills are free to BDC members!.

Diving season is on

From learn to dive programs encompassing junior to masters along with holiday programs,there is something for everyone .


The Dive, Dine & Taste long weekends, travelling to Port McDonnel on the Victorian / South Australian border, diving Ewen’s Ponds, stress free, clear, freshwater diving, reef shore dives of Port McDonnel and South Australia’s Coonawarra region for some wine tasting over the Australia Day weekend & Melbourne Cup break..

Contact Individual Diving Coaches

Charlie Smith

coordinator, with 20 years diving experience

If you are a current member and wishing to change clubs or coach a Clearance Form must be completed and forwarded to Bravers Diving Club as soon as possible .

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About US

The Bravers Dive Club the most active Dive Club in Melbourne! There are regular dive events and You don't just get to be part of the 'Bravers Family' you get a heap of other great benefits too.